5 Tips to Crack IAS Exam in 2018

Dear all here are some major tips provided by “Crack IAS Exam” for the IAS aspirants to crack the ias exam easily in 2018.

1. Read Newspaper Daily: It is very important to read newspaper daily because though this you are regularly updating yourself and get all the relevant information about our country and like current affairs, Indian history, Geography, Ecology, Biodiversity and Environment. It will also help you to increase your communication skills as well as reading and many more. Reading newspaper regularly will increases you I.Q level.

2. Prepare hard copy of your notes: Making note play a very important role to crack ias exam because when you wrote all the important topic than it comsumes enough of time during examination period. It revises the concepts frequently; so you must prepare notes on difficult topics as it creates a image of the particular thing in a very effective way.

3. Solved previous year sample papers: IAS Aspirants must solved the last year sample papers to get the idea what is the way and the pattern of ias exam. Sample paper helps and give you a clear idea to maintaining the speed in UPSC exam.

4. Start ias preparation with NCERT Books: I feel NCERTs are the most important books because without NCERT books you will never learn and understand the basics. For IAS preparation NCERTs books are the only truly reliable source for ias aspirants. NCERT books also guide you what topics are important and what topics you need to learn in detail. A lot of the times, questions comes directly from NCERT in ias exam.

5. Sleep proper and be confident: At the time of examination ias aspirant make such silly mistakes i.e proper sleep. No proper sleep no active body, no active body, confidence level goes down, hence it is very important for every ias aspirant to take a proper sleep.

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