IAS Preparation Strategy

Firstly I wanted to tell you this blog I wrote after discuss with so many IAS and IPS. so these are their opinion everyone has his own way to learn and prepare. I can’t Disclose the names.

1. Prepare those topics for which you are comfortable. Don’t force yourself to learn and fill your brain with that kind of stuff in which you are not able to understand. Focused on preparing that topics you can handle.

2. Start your preparations with the basics like some IAS really said on their blogs that they started their preparation with NCERT. As NCERT is the main resource for preparation in IAS and you can’t even ignore this.

3. Online material is good. see checked multiple resources every time but don’t fuss yourself over theirs. You get so many things in online and just through this, you are able to understand so many things. Sometimes you purchase some books and after that when you start preparing you’ll see that you already revised it through online. so do online preparation as well and using more than one source is always the best idea.

4. Don’t mind but some people are very very lazy and for them, current affairs is extremely a difficult topic throughout the year. So they depend on online websites. But I suggest if you can so please read the newspaper daily. I cannot recommend any kind of magazine but yes you can search online maybe you’ll find some better resource which you can share with others.

5. When you read the same topics from multiple books so why prepare the notes because its already in your mind. Just simply read all that stuffs again and underline important stuff in the books. as you know lazy people can’t make notes. don’t take this every people have a different aspect of their preparation. Do what is good for you.

6. A very major point is to discuss or debate with your friends it helps you to increase your communication skills and increase your knowledge. Like when you discuss with your father or any other family member they will guide you in another manner as on the other side your friends have their own aspect so you can easily think and get a right decision in a bad situation. Which is good for IAS.

7. As I say depends on person to person but many of the IAS, IPS aspirants I talked they said to me they do not study throughout the day. they have a study plan to finalizing a particular amount of their course rather than they study on a fix hours.

8. Don’t ignore your friends, family and even hobbies. Arrange your schedule to give your time to each and everyone. Some people think they distract you from your studies but it will help you to learn better they’ll fresh up your mind. And even you don’t know when you get to hear something new which will help you in your current affairs. Don’t lock yourself.

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