IAS Topper Ira Singhal shares her success story

“Ira Singhal” the first rank holder in UPSC IAS Exam, 2014 had resisted all chances to rise successful in the Civil Services examination. She chatted with Jagranjosh.com in regards to her example of overcoming adversity and street ahead.

An extremely forthcoming and fiery “Ira Singhal” shares her bits of knowledge towards life, society and common administrations. In her message to future competitors she said there is an existence past the common administrations moreover. Regardless of what occur in the common administrations exam, life never stops.

She additionally recommends that the competitors ought not make this exam as their Prestige Issue and should see their life past common administrations likewise in the event of disappointments. Also she exhorted contender to stop from anticipating any normal subject however rather ought to be centered around their whole syllabus so one is not shocked at the examination.

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