Top 10 success mantra to crack your UPSC(IAS) mock interview

Firstly Congratulations to all UPSC aspirants who cleared their prelims and mains and now ready for their mock interview preparation. A half an hour mock interview exercise which can change your life. This last round is the toughest round in civil services exam. This round prepared the rank list.

So i am sharing top 20 success mantra tips to crack UPSC(IAS) mock interview.

1. Do Mock interview preparation early: Start work on your personality don’t wait for the result. This exercise help you to think about the importance of time.

2. Know About Yourself: Everyone has so many positive things but when someone ask about yourself, that time is the most crucial time we see that we don’t know ourselves fully. To become an IAS you need to clear about yourself.

3. Your Biodata is the main key: Read your bio data multiple times because UPSC interview based on the biodata of the candidate. Copies of DAF(Detailed Application Forum) Will be shared each of the jury members. Prepare well for the questions like Hobbies, Education, Work-Experience etc.

4. Positive Attitude: In UPSC preparation interview the board members first see the attitude of the candidate. The jury asked so many tough questions as per the personality because they are actually looking for that type of candidate who are ready to face any question or situation positively.

5. Don’t take UPSC interview in light way: Be serious about the process and questions, greet and respect your jury members who take your personality test. Never underestimate yourself and jury members too and don’t give any casual answer of a serious question.

6. Don’t Lie in your IAS interview: Kindly don’t say lie to the UPSC jury members they are already well qualified that’s why they are taking your interview. Never give some fake answer to impress the jury, because in half an hour jury will catch your lie.

7. Communication Skills Improvement: weather you are giving your UPSC interview in English or in Hindi. Your communication must be good. To improve this you need to listen news and ready newspaper daily.

8. Keep calm and give your best: sometime when you doing good in interview some jury member check your patience level too so they’ll ask you some very nonsense questions. Don’t panic your emotional intelligence always matters. Nobody know each and every answer UPSC jury member also know this.

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9. Your body language and common sense: Your words with your body language is give you a best path to crack ias interview. UPSC jury members ask so many silly questions to check your i.Q level, questions like puzzles and critical thinking type.

10. Take Mock interviews from reputed coaching centers: You can take mock interviews from Rau’s IAS, Chanakya IAS Academy, Sankalp IAS Coaching, Vision IAS, Vajiram and Ravi, Drishti IAS, IAS ALS Coaching, Chronicle IAS.

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