At what age do I start the preparation?

In the minds of the students of the school, the question arises, at what age should an IAS should be prepared, a student asked this question on Quora. I am still in school and I want to be an officer, what should I start studying now?

Firstly i want to tell you that please forget about UPSC for now! Rite now for you is a graduation degree is more important than UPSC. Kindly focus on that. Without graduation degree you are not able to get good marks or eligible for IAS exam. You have a huge time for IAS preparation. Might you think about that there are lot of people who have started from 10-12th and have gotten through, but really its a very rare exceptions. They even can’t concentrate on their study as well because of the presssure.

So please get a graduation degree first And then start thinking of UPSC. which is the best time for everyone. You don’t need so many years to pass this exam once you complete your graduation and then if you focus on UPSC you can pass it in your first attemp. In the meantime, what you do is read newspaper daily, Look and understand what is going on in the country and in the world. What changes are needed. what is your vision for country. All these things will be useful to you for the preparation of the IAS.

Best of luck

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