Does the handwriting matter in UPSC Exam?

Off course yes, at least the examiner must be able to read your answer. If you write horribly like all words are not in a form of readable then you can’t expect good marks in your UPSC(IAS) exam.

See just come on that examiner seat and think if you are checking the answer sheet would you give high marks? Good handwriting is also a part of your personality too and when you are planning and see yourself in IAS so you need to think and do some extra efforts in this. Even if you join any IAS coaching centers they will also teach you regarding this.

Few tips to improve your handwriting for IAS Exam

a. Increase the size letter to avoid eye strain
b. Give some space between words
c. Do that pen with which your grip is good
d. UPSC exam papers are lengthy but don’t misbalanced your accuracy.

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